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Marketing restaurants does not have to be complicated. In fact, you have part of the strategy in place if you are using Facebook and Instagram for marketing your restaurant. To make these social media efforts really work for you, weaving email marketing into those efforts is the way to go.

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Why is the combination of Social media and email marketing restaurants’ match made in heaven?

>>> Use social media to create awareness of your restaurant. Encourage your followers to share the love. Build that follower base.

>>> Entice your followers to visit your website to get a great offer (aka magnet). Once on your website, they sign up to receive your offer. You now have one of the most important tools you need for marketing your restaurant’s menus, news, offers, and events – your customer’s permission to email them.

>>> Now give them the VIP treatment. Recognize their birthday and anniversary. Use their name (we all know their name is the word most pleasing to them, right?). Nurture that customer with email marketing, and you’ll build a customer for life.


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