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9 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs Email Marketing

9 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs Email Marketing

Email marketing statistics don’t lie. If you’ve been considering adding email marketing to your restaurant’s strategy, don’t wait another minute. This is the channel you need to identify your best customers, nurture them, and build your customer loyalty.

Here are 9 convincing email marketing statistics:
  1. Email delivers the highest return on investment of all digital marketing tactics. That’s right, a better ROI than pay-per-click, organic search, e-commerce traffic, and social media.
  2. That return on investment is $36 – $44 per $1 spent – can you get excited about that?!
  3. All age groups are users, so you can reach your entire following with one message.
  4. As a restaurant owner, you may not be a heavy email user, but 92% of online adults are using email. That’s a documented email marketing statistic, so don’t make the mistake of missing out on this important channel.
  5. For 58%, email is the first check of the day when they get online. By comparison, only 11% first check Facebook, and fewer still – Instagram. Are you starting to realize that email marketing statistics can help shape your strategy?
  6. 77% say they prefer to receive promotional messages by email – what are you waiting for? Your customers WANT to receive your email news and offers.
  7. Customer acquisition – email marketing statistics report that email is 40 times more effective than social media for gaining new customers.
  8. As a channel, email marketing is continuing to grow. Email has been around for a long time, and it’s not dying off anytime soon!
  9. And finally, maybe the most important reason of all – Email is your direct line of contact with your customers. Social media algorithms decide who sees your posts. Social media channels own your customer list, not you. And social media channels can terminate your account at any time. Use your social media channels to create brand awareness, then strengthen your presence by getting these viewers onto your email list as soon as possible.
Have these email marketing statistics convinced you to take action?

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The Perfect Partners for Marketing Restaurants

The Perfect Partners for Marketing Restaurants

Marketing restaurants does not have to be complicated. In fact, you have part of the strategy in place if you are using Facebook and Instagram for marketing your restaurant. To make these social media efforts really work for you, weaving email marketing into those efforts is the way to go.

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Why is the combination of Social media and email marketing restaurants’ match made in heaven?

>>> Use social media to create awareness of your restaurant. Encourage your followers to share the love. Build that follower base.

>>> Entice your followers to visit your website to get a great offer (aka magnet). Once on your website, they sign up to receive your offer. You now have one of the most important tools you need for marketing your restaurant’s menus, news, offers, and events – your customer’s permission to email them.

>>> Now give them the VIP treatment. Recognize their birthday and anniversary. Use their name (we all know their name is the word most pleasing to them, right?). Nurture that customer with email marketing, and you’ll build a customer for life.


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