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Nurture your customers 

Did you know that 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers? Your email list will contain that 20% … and the number of customers in that elite group will continue to grow as you continue building loyal customers. Nurture them by staying in touch with relevant news. Prefer to watch the video? Click here to take the free video course now.

Nurturing and building loyal customers turns them into advocates – people who support you on a regular basis and tell others about your wonderful establishment. You’ve made an emotional connection with these individuals, and staying in touch via email will strengthen that bond. Your email list is far more valuable than the number of followers you have on your social media sites. Statistics show that email marketing converts into sales at a much higher rate than social. Aren’t increased sales your goal?

Let’s plan a basic email marketing strategy here, to help you tap into your marketing mindset and show you how this becomes your long-term focus, building loyal customers. Our initial plan will be to send out one email each month.

What should I say in my email?

Our basic strategy will be one message via one email each month. What are the messages you want to tell your customers about?

  • New Menu/Menu Item
  • Limited Time Offer
  • Special Event/Happening
  • New Service Offering/Reminder of Service Offering
  • News – Community Involvement/Award Received/New Chef

Plan your monthly email strategy:

Make a grid of 4 boxes by 3 boxes on paper or a whiteboard, then write in the names of your months. Click here to download a printable template.

Then place one key promotional idea in each month:

  • When will you have a menu change? (Lunch, Dinner, Brunch, Beverage)
  • Which months have key promotional dates for you? (Mother’s Day, New Year’s Eve)
  • Which months are typically your slowest and need a boost? (Mark these in red)
  • Have you run a successful promo (Limited Time Offer) in the past that you’d like to repeat? Write it in – should it happen in one of the slow months?
  • Special Event – (Harvest Dinner, Oscar’s Night) write it in

Your goal in this exercise is to write one idea/possibility/opportunity in each month. Now you know what each month’s email message will be. Remember this is a blueprint that is flexible. By having a 12-month plan, you can evaluate additional ideas as they arise, and add them to this calendar. Always ask yourself if the opportunity supports the best promotional theme of the month and the long-term goal of building loyal customers.

What a successful email looks like:

The goal of each email you send is to connect with your customer in a way that makes them want to come into your restaurant- you’re building frequency of visits and building loyal customers. Here are some guidelines:

  • Make the message short and sweet – attention spans are short!
  • Consistent branding – so they will recognize your restaurant immediately
  • A clear offer, with any disclosures
  • A Call To Action – what do you want them to do? Make a reservation? Click to view new menu?

Here’s an example of a great email, and why it works:

Successful Restaurant Email

Want some additional tips for getting an email program started? Click here to get the free video course.


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